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Welcome to Cure Align Rehab and Physiotherapy Clinic Indore

CureAlign Rehab and Physiotherapy Clinic is a premier healthcare facility established by Dr. Zubin Mathew and Dr. Shubham T.S., two of the most experienced medical professionals in the field of rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapy, and orthopedics. The clinic offers an array of services designed to help patients achieve their best physical health through treatments that are tailored to each individual’s needs and goals for recovery or improved performance in sports activities or daily life activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs etc..

The team at CureAlign Rehab consists of highly skilled specialists who provide personalized care with utmost compassion using cutting-edge technology like ultrasound therapy machines for pain relief from muscle spasms & soft tissue injuries; electrical stimulation machines for strengthening muscles; kinesiology taping techniques which helps reduce swelling & inflammation due to injury; manual therapies including joint mobilization/manipulation techniques helping increase range-of-motion (ROM) around joints affected by arthritis or other chronic conditions etc..

They also offer specialized programs such as post operative rehab program after surgeries like ACL reconstruction surgery , shoulder labral repair surgery , rotator cuff repair surgery ; sport specific training programs designed according athletes’ individual requirements . In addition they have special packages available on request which include exercise prescription based on patient’s current fitness levels along with nutritional advice .

At CureAlign Rehab we strive hard every day towards making our patients feel better than ever before! We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare so our aim is always towards providing comprehensive yet affordable treatment plans without compromising on any aspect related to patient care – be it clinical expertise or personal attention given throughout the course of treatment period.


Physiotherapist, Director of Cure Align Rehab and Physiotherapy Clinic, Indore.

Dr. Zubin Mathew is a Physiotherapist, Cure Align Rehab and Physiotherapy Clinic Indore.
Dr. Zubin Mathew is a 4 year of experience as a “Physiotherapist” in Charak Private Hospital Indore .


Director of Cure Align Rehab and Physiotherapy Clinic, Indore.
My Clinical Work Experience in Neurological Case, Cerebral palsy Stroke, orthopaedic post fracture, PIVD, arthritis and four year part time experience in shiyanka rehab and physiotherapy clinic indore (m.p)

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